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Again, thank you to all my readers and contributors. Hopefully, 2017 will continue in the same blogging vein, but will change political and socio-moral tack! I hope, even though it is so very difficult with all of my projects and ongoing life commitments, to blog as regularly. As well you know, I am a politically liberal (socially liberal, fiscally centrist) philosopher who espouses agnostic atheism. That does not mean all my readers do, though. Echo chambers aren’t really that fun. In this way, I really appreciate and respect courteous dissenters, without whom there would be no conversation, no discussion. If you know of any people who would appreciate the debate, please bring them along. Please, indeed, share any of my posts. There is a facebook page for this blog available here to allow further conversation and sharing of posts.

I do hope that 2017 heralds a change in direction from the present course the world is on. We are moving from a relatively stable state of huge international cooperation to one of parochial nationalism and isolationism. This is a huge worry to me. None of our future global issues, whether it be global warming or refugee crises and war, can be solved with retreating inside our own abstractly constructed borders. We all need to work together more than at any time in history. There are just too many people on this earth to not work closely together. The environment, the have-nots, the animals and the ignored need us, need cooperation more now than ever before.

As we look to the future, it’s still good to wonder about the past. My last book on our universal beginnings…

My new year’s resolution? To actively do more to make this world a better place.

The question is, how best to do that.

Please stick around for the ride.

Big 2016 love to you all, from Hampshire, UK.

Now piss off 2016, and bring on a vastly upgraded 2017.

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