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As many of you will know, Dave Armstrong, fellow Patheoser (of a Catholic persuasion) has been attempting to take me to task. It started off with criticising Anthony Toohey’s deconversion account, and then, springing from this, he looked at tackling claims that a detailed in my book The Nativity: A Critical Examination.

I won’t, here, rebut his claims – I have not yet read them – but feel free to do this yourselves until I get time to do so. Being exceptionally busy, I will struggle to do this in an adequately timely manner.

Here are his critiques:

As far as the infancy narrative rebuttals are concerned, I can’t imagine he will defer to the same old criticisms or defences that apologists have contrived over the last 1,500 years (i see from skimming one that this appears to be the case). Alas, this always seems to be the case, and we get possibiliter ergo probabiliter – or it’s possible, therefore it’s probable. Or, here is AN answer, therefore this answer defeats the counter-position.

We shall see.

Anyway, have at it.


In the meantime as well, please check my book above out.

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