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In the seemingly massive (but actually really not that extensive) period between Patheos Nonreligious closing up shop for most of its writers and this wonderfully shiny new enterprise opening its door, what have I been doing?

This is a question that approximately none of you will have been asking. However, I am going to pretend that you have and answer it anyway. Before I get back to business as usual, please indulge me for a short while.

Primarily, my creative energies have been expended in the world of YouTube. I have focused heavily on the Mythvision Podcast, where I have been serializing my Resurrection book, as well as debating miracles and taking the Nativity accounts to task. I have also been appearing on the Gnostic Informant and History Valley among others.

I have also been nurturing my own YouTube channel that now has a meaningful following and base. I’m really happy with this and will continue to put time and effort into developing my content and channel.

Recently, I was invited to debate Christian apologist Jonathan McLatchie on the Unbelievable radio show on Premier Christian Radio, hosted by Justin Brierley. We debated the maxim “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” and you can watch it below. I think I did pretty well. What do you think?

YouTube video

I have also spent a little time creating a couple of longer articles—feature articles—for this site, one of which is live now (but not yet in its front-page feature article position), as well as developing another. These take a little more time and thought because of the nature of the writing and the editing that goes into them.

And, as if you ever doubted me, I’ve been writing a book. Well, I’ve finished the book: 20 Arguments Against the Existence of “God”, Divine Design, Heaven, Hell, and Satan. I’m really happy with it. It’s a popular affair aimed at the general audience and it seems to have gone down well with my early readers and endorsers.

The book takes aim at OmniGod, as I like to call it—the omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent deity of classical theism. The arguments include many you will have heard me discuss and hopefully many more, as well as there being incidental arguments made within each chapter.

Essentially, I’m really happy with the book.

This is all while I am awaiting my co-authors in two other books I am writing (one of which is in the Critical Examination series evaluating the claims of the Exodus.

Oh, and my family and I all have COVID, so there is that (not to worry—my partner and I are triple-jabbed and it has been pretty inoffensive!).

Hopefully, my regular readers will trickle back as the content starts to flow freely, to be joined with a new and growing audience.

Well, that’s the plan.

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