The overturning of Roe v Wade illustrates the contempt the religious right has for women and their rights. And men? Not so much.

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The Supreme Court has now made it clear. Women have the same rights as farm animals. If a cow is impregnated by a bull, does she have a right to say whether she should carry the fetus to term? Of course not! The farmer who owns her, and has invested in her, providing food and shelter for her, is now entitled to collect on his investment. The cow is not consulted on this. She is a vessel, providing the nutrients that the fetus requires to develop until it is born.

The Court has now determined that women are livestock. They have exactly the same rights as a cow.

What about human rights, you ask. Sorry, a woman’s rights are superseded by the rights of a fertilized egg. Sorry, a woman’s rights are superseded by the rights of a few cells. No, it’s worse than that. A single cell—a fertilized egg—takes precedence over any rights a woman has to control her body or her life.

What about men? Do they have the same overriding authority to determine their rights? Of course not! Even though they provided the sperm to fertilize that egg, they have no further responsibilities. They can live their life, free from any encroachment on their human rights. They are, after all, human beings. Not livestock.

Bert Bigelow graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering, then pursued a career in electronic systems and software design. He has always enjoyed writing, and since retirement, has produced short essays on many subjects. His main interests are in the areas of politics and religion, and the intersection of the two. You can contact him at bigelowbert@gmail.com.

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