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Apologies for being effectively absent for a week or so, bar some quick posts here and there. It’s Easter hols and the family is about. Also, there is a heck of a lot going on on the book front.

As you may well know, I have two books presently filtering through the distribution channels. Some of you have already bought copies of my The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK], at an inflated third party price through Amazon, even though it hasn’t yet settled to its full distribution. (It will be retailing at $18.99/£12.99). Oddly, you have to click on other sellers “4 New from…” link on the UK Amazon to get Amazon itself and their correct pricing. It’s what happens as it filters through. The ebook to this will follow in due course. I’m really proud of this book. I think it’s my best.

The same goes for my fiction sequel to the pandemic horror Survival of the Fittest: Metamorphosis [UK], called Survival of the Fittest: Adaptation [UK].

Further to this has been the release of a new edition to Rebecca Bradley’s excellent biblical satire The Lateral Truth: An Apostate’s Bible Stories [UK] (the paperback is still filtering through but will be there in a day or two) with a brand new foreword by Real Atheology’s Benjamin Blake Speed Watkins.

I have also been working on my manuscript Whay I Am Atheist and Not a Theist, which combines a bunch of previous philosophical essays and some new ones to elucidate my worldview from the ground up.

And for the last two days, I have been working closely with my co-author on the sequel to the critically acclaimed children’s/YA fiction book The Curse of the Maya [UK], which is presently enjoying a surge of success in the UK as it is being picked up as a set text by schools up and down the country. It is selling really well (it keeps selling out on Amazon) and we are being inundated with amazing feedback from teachers and parents alike. We are both providing personalised video introductions to the text to schools and classes, which has been a lovely touch for them. It’s great to think that our writing has been deemed good enough to hold up as exemplar in the education system for English (as well as working with the history curriculum, and for P4C – Philosophy for Children), It really is a good book and we have now developed the sequel storyline/timeline, as well as being commissioned to write five short stories for the educational website Literacy Shed Plus (which we have done).

We are dead excited about the new storyline – it’s going to be another brilliant tale, I’m confident.

All of this makes me very busy, and I apologise for neglecting you here.

I also have other books in the pipeline. Firstly, my first book (on free will) seriously needs a complete rewrite. I am a much better writer now, and I should be able to produce a book to replace that one (rather than being a second edition). I also have the basis for something like The Atheist’s Bible: A Handbook of 50 Arguments Against the Existence of “God” or something like that (where 50 is just a number I have plucked out of the air). Lastly, in writing the short stories with my good friend, we realise that we could easily produce an anthology of short stories to be used for older school-age children.

Which also means that I am neglecting to get out on podcasts and things to market my new books. Damn, we need to invent a Judge Dredd style machine that allows us a full night’s sleep in only ten minutes.

Please help me out by grabbing some of these titles for yourself and I will try to get back to business as usual.

Finally, a huge swell of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to those of you here who are kind enough to donate to my cause through the links below. GodCosmosdammit, you’re good people.

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