Craig Gross, pastor of Christian Cannabis, has finally revealed a revenue source, launching a product line featuring joints and edibles.

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This is part of our Taboo Series.

In April, I reported that Pastor Craig Gross, former leader of the anti-pornography XXX Church, has since started Christian Cannabis, a website and podcast dedicated to spreading the word about how much closer to Jesus you can get by getting high.

In my previous report, I discussed the Christian Cannabis conundrum I ran into regarding how one thing was missing from the website, podcast, and related social media: the money.

It seems whenever a new (or fledgling) church is attempting to tap into a previously unexplored niche, it becomes pretty evident that under all of the preaching and outreach to new prospective members, there’s some type of pyramid scheme in the works. But with Christian Cannabis, I couldn’t quite find it.

I combed the website, sifted through social media posts, and even listened to a couple of podcasts, and nothing—no mention of donations, products, or even speaking engagements, except this foreshadowing Instagram post.

In the April article, I mention:

“His history suggests he’s an opportunist looking for his niche, so maybe he’s just hoping this weed thing takes off before he capitalizes on it. So far, the Christian Cannabis Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages all have under 1k followers (which after 3 years is not great, considering the press they’ve had), so it could be a waiting game.”

Well, it appears the wait is over.

On June 20th, I received an email from cannabis-based PR firm Elevated PR (yes that’s a thing), following up on my April article. The firm was offering an interview with Pastor Craig Gross and/or his partner, Luke Bricker, an ordained minister who’s joined the hash-for-heavenly-cash enterprise.

So, as any good skeptic would do, I thought, “Why now? Why is this firm following up on a 2-month-old article? What’s their end game? Why would Craig Gross even hire them?”

I mean, I already know they’re smoking something. But now… they’re also selling something.

So, I went over to their website and noticed right away a new option in the site menu: Products. And on that page is the following headline:

Launching products in California and beyond in 2022.

Christian Cannabis is jumping into the weed-slinging business. They’re going to be selling Christian Cannabis-branded joints, edibles, tinctures, and topical creams. But get this. At least for now, it’s just CBD, not THC. I’m 100% positive that will change as soon as possible, but it appears that’s where Gross’s gateway is planted.

via ChristianCannabis.com

So, on a website that’s built around promoting smoking marijuana to get closer to God, they’re selling products that won’t get you high. I imagine that’s because of legal hurdles and such, but I’ve notified the irony police anyway.

It appears Craig Gross has found his newest revenue stream, or at least what he hopes will become one. I’m not convinced that marketing CBD (and eventually THC) products to Christians is going to be lucrative, but the guy’s pulling out all the stops.

First porn, now weed. Is crypto next?

And for those who may be curious, I declined the interview. I believe my response was along the lines of, “Not a chance in hell.”

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