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Yesterday, Seth Dillon, the CEO of The Babylon Bee, received a notice from Twitter that the website’s official account was locked for hate speech. If you’re not familiar, The Babylon Bee is Christianity’s non-funny version of The Onion, a satire site that tries to convince us that conservatives can be humorous, but all-too-often publishes thinly veiled bigotry—especially aimed at transgender people.

Just take a look at their top two trending posts as of the writing of this article:

Included in the notice to The Babylon Bee, Twitter informed Dillon that the site’s account would be unlocked 12 hours after deleting the following tweet:

However, the Bee’s CEO has decided this will be the Twitter hill his company’s account will die on. He refuses to delete the tweet, and instead is pandering to his Christian followers, saying that Twitter is trying to suppress the truth:

“We’re not deleting anything. Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it.”

In 2018, Twitter expanded their policy against hate speech, adding that purposely misgendering a person is now included speech prohibited by the social media giant.

Not shockingly, Dillon is using this situation to try to grow The Babylon Bee’s revenue. He’s now encouraging those who support this brand of bigotry to become paid subscribers to the site so that the Bee doesn’t need to promote articles on Twitter:

“If enough of you do that, we won’t need traffic from big tech platforms to generate revenue.”

After all, nothing sells right now like fake persecution. It looks like Seth Dillon is just going to spin this into the latest outrage-fueled grift.

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