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This is part of our Taboo Series.

Winter solstice, spring equinox, virgin birth, holiday trees, morality—all examples of things that predate Christianity but have been taken over, adopted, or encroached upon by Christians.

Guess what… they’re not quite finished yet.

Pastor Craig Gross, once known as the “porn pastor” who founded an anti-pornography church called XXX Church, has his sights set on a new potential revenue stream: marijuana. His newest venture is Christian Cannabis, a website that explains to visitors why, as Christians, they should smoke weed.

As the story goes, Gross first tried the devil’s lettuce as medical marijuana to help him with a health condition, and he liked it so much that he can’t quit it, claiming it’s helped him connect to God. And now he’s encouraging other Christians to hop onto the Chronic Express. His website actually launched a few years ago but now it’s accompanied by social media pages and a podcast.

Ok, so here’s the thing I haven’t found yet. I can’t figure out how/where he’s turning this into a source of revenue. His website has no ads or merchandise that I can find, and there’s an “Investment Opportunities” page that errors out when you try to go to it. After a quick skim of a podcast episode, I didn’t notice any ads there either. Is this guy the real deal? His history suggests he’s an opportunist looking for his niche, so maybe he’s just hoping this weed thing takes off before he capitalizes on it. So far, the Christian Cannabis Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages all have under 1k followers (which after 3 years is not great, considering the press they’ve had), so it could be a waiting game. Aside from the broken link I mentioned, the only other mention of money I’ve found was in a comment on this Instagram post:

Aside from the lack of monetization so far, one thing remains clear. There’s a real effort in the Christian community, through Gross and others following the same path, to bogart our joints and reappropriate them for Jesus. Is nothing sacred anymore?

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