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It’s good that UN is trying to so something good for the world. There’s this worthwhile campaign and I think we all need to join it to make a statement. Emma Watson introduced this campaign at the UN. She’s so eloquent, so moving, and so persuasive. Listen to her:

YouTube video

Doesn’t it make you happy when you see someone famous using their fame for good, and making the world a better place? A million points to Gryffindor, I say. I’ve always loved Emma Watson as an actress, and now I admire her as a citizen.

So I signed up for this. I’m the man number 79,665. 71 of them were Iranians. Sign up for this if you feel so inclined. It’s really no effort on your part, but the bigger that number, the louder the voice for solidarity.

I know many people think “slacktivism” is useless, but it’s not. We had one similar to this in Iran, it was called One Million Signatures Campaign, and it was historic. People never forgot this campaign, and it was very effective in creating a base for feminists and organizing them.

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