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So my PC went bonkers last two weeks, so this was done much later than I anticipated. Well, here you go.

Sadly, there’s the news that the true reformist and Green Movement leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is in hospital right now for heart problems, and he has undergone angiography. Hopefully he’ll be alright.

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Kate Donovan raises a very valid point about our attitude towards peer-reviewed researches.

Marwa Berro is one of the best ex-Muslim voices out there. Here she talks about talking about Islam, and here she goes on to talk about it. I really recommend them.

Economist has a very great peace on Sisi, the current dictator of Egypt. It is very informative.

I found this piece by Stephanie Zvan about the demographics of male rights activists very educative. As I and many others commented on the article, the fact that many of them are teens makes me hopeful.

Greta Christina shows how religious people use the concept of doubt in a hypocritical fashion.

Notung has a great article on free speech and the nuances we can introduce to the discussion.

Also two more good articles on Ayan Hirsi Ali article. First is by Damion Reinhardt and the second by Ali A. Rizvi.

The Atlantic reports that the nuclear deal is working. Here’s hoping.

I love the 2014 Cannes jury. An awesome and diverse list of great artists. Layla Hatami is possibly the best Iranian actress ever.

In metal links:

There is this very sad interview with Bill Ward the former Black Sabbath drummer. It’s very sad that the reunion will not include him, and I love how eloquent he is about it all. I love Ozzy Osbourne and admire him as a great artist, but god he can be an absolute douchebag asshole.

A church uses Lamb of God symbol. Now, this is a church I’ll go to.

Finally, this is for Tauriq Moosa. He loved the recent Avril Lavinge video so much, I thought I’d share this video with him. (I’m actually a huge Avril fan – please don’t stop reading my blog – as I don’t share the disdain many metalheads have over pop and mainstream music, they’ve got their own place and not everyone is supposed to be as great as Mozart. But that “Hello Kitty” song is really an abomination.

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