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Jen McCreight has left FTB. While we’re all sad to see her go, we’re very happy to see her new blog. Check it out. Here she also explains why she left.

This Dan Fincke post is more than 2 years old, but I read it recently and loved it: How Faith Theoretically Makes People Less Likely To Be Trustworthy

Do you like Little Prince? Then read this New Yorker article. Also on New Yorker, John Cassidy analyzes John Kerry’s use of the word apartheid. I don’t completely agree, but I enjoyed reading the article. Also on New Yorker, a powerful article about the dark past of Nigeria.

Is the Quran incompatible with evolution? This is an article from a person who seems to be a Muslim. It’s interesting to read, although ultimately I don’t agree with the article.

Seven Things You Should Know About UKIP And Farage. One thing I know is I am afraid of them.

Speaking of Farage, our own Alex Gabriel demonstrates why UKIP is so incompatible with secular values. Also, why John Paul II was a reactionary pope.

Avicenna responds to a commentor and makes some important points.

Neil Carter asks if times of tragedy is wrong to criticize god. My own answer? No. The truth doesn’t go on holidays in respect to the victims of any tragedy, and neither should we. What is a tragedy to some, it’s also an opportunity to face important questions.

BBC reports on a series of mysterious videos and their French connection.

An Atheist in Kuwait: Interview with Ben Baz Aziz and ExZombie

I love Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s article on Donald Sterling a lot.

Why atheism makes believers so uncomfortable? This is one answer.

A very great article on Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the blog fojap. You mean, we have to READ and UNDERSTAND what someone says before flipping out? That’s too much effort!

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