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Story of the Week: Alex Gabriel is writing his memoir in a serialized form, Dickens-style. It is very moving and very well-written, I definitely recommend it. I have shared every chapter on Twitter, but here I link to the Foreword which includes the table of contents. Nine chapters published so far.

The Other Story of the Week: Dan Fincke is setting some nuanced, and flexible, and comprehensive guidelines on how to criticize religion. There are four installments so far, hopefully there’s more coming. I link to the fourth part which links to the previous parts.

Hu Jia narrates how the crackdown continues years after Tienanmen Square incident.

Muslim doctor booted off Egyptian t.v. show for not being extremist enough:  Yeah this happened.

Citing Pressure and Threats, Egypt’s Answer to Jon Stewart Calls It Quits 🙁

Ed Brayton shares his feelings about this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

Alex Gabriel is proud to be ideological and so should you.

Alexander Shulgin, The ‘Godfather Of Ecstasy,’ Dies At 88 I consider this a great contribution to humanity.

Does Drinking Cow’s Milk Perpetuate Rape Culture? Yes, someone really said that. Courtney Caldwell answers.

Yet another excellent article on Elliot Rodger, this time by Greta Christina.

I feel what PZ Myers is expressing here so deeply.

I loved Sam Harris’s view on drugs.

Mano Singham reports about Evolution vs. Orthodox Judaism.

Sonali Kolhatkar: The Common Roots of Misogynist Culture in Pakistan and the U.S

12 Classic Lines of Dialogue That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Improv.

Good reportBBC News – General Haftar’s anti-Islamist campaign divides Libyans

Libby Anne doesn’t think Jesus is out there and is frustrated that some religious folks don’t listen to this.

Avicenna tackles the idea of missionary and atheist aid workers.

This is a very biting criticism, and I agree with it.

Stephanie Zvan criticized the bad headlines of MotherJones.

I think this is an example of beautiful love.

Libby Anne writes two part articles about sexism in the image of the dads. Part 1 and Part 2.

Ophelia Benson demonstrates the absurdity of Corless objecting to the word “dumping” of the body of those children.

Erm, about this story. BBC News – ‘Trojan Horse’: Birmingham academy trust criticised.

Dan Fincke defends why we need to deconvert people.

A BBC analysis about the new BFF relationship between Israel and Australia. Jealous, ‘Merica?

Amy Roth interviews Noor, and it is a deeply moving story of someone who “despite the odds, managed to not only escape the clutches of religion but she also escaped the clutches of a violently abusive family”. Read it here.

Ryan Bell: Please, let’s not start with the foolishness

Marwa Berro talks about the dangers of judging women based on how they dress (with hijab or not).

What the fuck? Spain to deport ex-Muslim for criticizing Islam:

Brianne Bilyeu says that Sadomasochism isn’t a dirty word. And here I was, a naive Iranian, thinking you don’t need to argue over such things in USA anymore. Hmph.

Well apparently suckmycockheilhitler8752 might be a Russian spy, according to this Buzzfeed in-depth article.

The 8 Biggest Lies Men’s Rights Activists Spread About Women by Julianne Ross. This article was very helpful for me personally and I’m sure I’ll use it as a reference.

Jonathan MS Pearce proves the old wisdom that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Moving: Father Of Santa Barbara Killer Meets Victim’s Dad

Jacques Rousseau offers a very valid criticism of the new UN President of the General Assembly and why he should be removed.

A good list of 4 Things Atheists Should Be Doing from Dangerous Talk, I’m sharing for number 4. 

Infidel753 shows us the grim picture of Iraq.

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