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Story of the Week: Ayan Hirsi Ali was again the target of ex-Muslim silencing and censorship. Sadly, this time even the Yale Atheists joined the repressive forces. Yale University proved to be brave and didn’t censor her. You can read her talk here. Mohammad Syed and Anish Nair write why the statements made by Yale Muslims and atheists are wrong.

Tauriq Moosa points out some fallacies regarding the celebrity leaks.

Dan Fincke argues against Jerry Coyne’s statement that there is no objective morality here and here.

An interesting infographic about powers that have IS as the common enemy.

BBC News reviews Narendra Modi’s first 100 days

Alex Gabriel explains his design for the banner of Wesley Fenza’s blog.

Dan Fincke: How My Personal Sexual Evolution Makes Me Loathe Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming

Staks Roch tells you about where to travel to for your atheist vacation.

Franks Sinatra’s views on religion are interesting.

BBC News reporter’s SMS relationship with al-Shabab

Dan Fincke knows there’s no God.

Help support Zinnia Jones’s new web series on Patreon: Gender Analysis!

Al-Qaeda eyes India in jihadi battle of the brands

All you need to know about Asim Umar — head of newly-created South Asia branch of al-Qaeda

A profile on Hillary Clinton by Joseph Lelyveld.

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 14: Daniel Dennett, Author and Philosopher.

The difference between looking at woman and staring like a creep as explained by Libby Anne.

Why I Heina Dadabhoy calls herself an Ex-Muslim. I do as well for the same reason.

The phantom menace of militant atheism by Nick Cohen

Jonathan MS Pearce brings us another deconversion story.

The Day an Atheist (Neil Carter) Got Interviewed at a Church in Mississippi

Ian McEwan: the law versus religious belief

BBC News – Islamic State: Can its savagery be explained?

BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Frozen conflicts’ and the Kremlin


JT Eberhard talks about the lesson of 9/11. –

Ed Clint talks about free will in reference to an interview I made with Jonathan MS Pearce.

BBC News – Has Turkey woken up to Islamic State threat?

ISIS, ISIL Or Islamic State: What’s In A Name?

IS Fight Raises Fears That Efforts to Curb Iran Will Slip

Decoding the IS flag.

No Cross No Crescent argues about the disingenuous way the moderate Muslims argue.

Read Neil Carter’s moving collection of letters to his devout Christian daughters.

So are men more likely to secular than women? Statistics say yes, (at least in the Unites States), but the reasons are complex.

A great article as written on the nature of censorship.

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