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Story of the week: One of the greatest voices of atheism, Victor Stenger, is dead at 79. Here are some eulogies: Hemant Mehta’s, JT Eberhard’s, PZ Myers, and Peter Boghossian’s. Rest in peace.


Alex Gabriel: I will not hold my tongue about religion.

Sectarian Past and Pluralist Hopes for Iraq’s Likely Leader

In Retaking of Iraqi Dam, Evidence of American Impact

10 Of The Most Ridiculous TED Talks.

Trailers For Martin Scorsese’s List Of The 39 Foreign Films You Should See Before You Die.

Read about Dan Fincke’s baptism.

Avicenna debunks anti-vax arguments.

Notung argues that Richard Dawkins is Not a Liability

If You’re Born In The Sky, What’s Your Nationality? An Airplane Puzzler

Top General Is Named Thai Prime Minister, Sealing Military’s Rule

Another extraordinary article by Hiba Krisht: In Defense of the Ex-Muslim Story as a Cultural Archetype.

Obama said ISIL doesn’t speak for any faith. Damion Reinhardt and Jerry Coyne explain why this is false.

A profile on Jokowi the new Indonesian president. He’s also a metalhead!

The Strange, Frustrating Reason Movie Titles Change

Undercover Art: 6 Paintings That Were Hiding Something

Jonathan MS Pearce offers some good explanation about the difference between Christianity and Islam.

Director Richard Attenborough Brought Intimacy to Big Ideas

BBC News – Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love voted best guitar riff

BBC News – How Richard Attenborough ‘saved’ the British film industry

Miri offers six ways to talk better about mental illness.

Ken Ham’s 10 facts that prove creationism – Debunked by Dan Arel. 

Damion Reinhardt has a fascinating report on Satanist Black Mass in Oklahoma City.

American atheists, support these people: Now That the Primaries Are Over, Two Red States Will Have Atheists on the Ballot This November –

BBC News – Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan switches roles

An awesome interview with Dan Fincke.

Suicidal Tendencies Bassist Tim “Rawbiz” Williams Has Died, R.I.P.

Ryan Bell talks about appropriate drug analogies and atheism.

James Croft says some atheists are joiners and rebuts S. E. Cupp.

(Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers): Why church has problem with GOT.

Reasonable Doubt interviews Leo Igwe and it’s awesome.

Don’t Be Silly, Hello Kitty Is a Cat.

How to Criticize with Kindness by Philosopher Daniel Dennett.

Concrete actions you can take to make the situation in Ferguson better.

A harrowing story: I Was Raped At Oxford University. Police Pressured Me Into Dropping Charges”.

Iran’s real extent of meddling in Syria is documented here. (Spoiler: It’s A LOT).

Commentary on current situation in Pakistan (protests and stuff): Why Pakistanis crave stability most of all.

This is one of the best Obama articles I’ve read. It includes his domestic and foreign policy and why upcoming elections matter.

PZ Myers explains the link between homosexuality and evolution and also misspells misconceptions.

This is why you shouldn’t click on the naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence (and other celebs).

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