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On his “TruNews” program Thursday night, End Times broadcaster and anti-Semite Rick Wiles responded to the House Democrats’ plan to draft articles of impeachment against Donald Trump by saying he would have to collect weapons in advance of a war.

Because when Democrats investigate blatant corruption, the worst people in the world can’t help but get violent.

The Democrats are forcing me to stockpile ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies to defend my family, home, and church,” he added. “This is a bad dream that won’t end, and it’s brought to you by the Trump haters.”

“I strongly encourage you to take immediate action to prepare your home and family for the worst,” Wiles advised his audience. “Don’t foolishly dismiss my warning that a revolution could erupt, or widespread civil disruptions, even civil war.”

In case you’re keeping score, conservatives have wanted Civil Wars to defend slavery and to allow a corrupt president to keep corrupting.

In any case, he’s just wrong to blame Democrats. Trump brought this upon himself through his lies, bribes, and cover-ups. The House Democrats are just doing their job. It’s telling that the latter, not the former, inspires Wiles to grab his guns.

(via Right Wing Watch)