Monica L. Miller

“Miller litigates to defend the wall of church-state separation and to tear down the wall of human non-human separation.

Miller has as litigated nearly 30 First Amendment cases including before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Circuits. Miller also litigates historic animal personhood cases. Miller has appeared live on MSNBC and Fox News and is regularly quoted in national media outlets. Miller’s case made PBS’s list of “5 of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Most Powerful Supreme Court Opinions.” Miller is also Vice President of Humanist Global Charity and Executive Director of the Humanist Legal Society.”



Christian crusaders are winning battles but losing the war

Reading Time: 6 minutes Who is the bigger loser when the Supreme Court rules against church-state separation and in favor of government-endorsed Christianity—atheists, or Christians?  There is a common misconception, perpetuated by the Religious Right, Fox News, and sometimes the mainstream media, that church-state separation protects atheists at the expense of Christians. It’s true that most plaintiffs in Establishment Clause cases are atheists, but who really suffers when the Supreme Court upholds government-sponsored Christian…