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I’ve got about a dozen blog posts in the queue waiting to see the light of day, but life hasn’t yet afforded me the time I need to get them finished. I feel like I’m zeroing in on some seminal ideas, too—maybe not new to everyone else but still new to me—so I’m eager to get the chunks of time I need to get those done.
My current crop of students is dramatically accelerating the aging process, plus I think it’s fair to say that all four of my daughters are simultaneously in the throes of adolescence. I’d ask you to pray for me, but I haven’t yet found any gods who actually do what they say, so I guess we can skip that part; save your time and energy for something else.
In the meantime, thanks to repeated nudging by friends and longtime readers I’ve decided it’s past time I devoted more energy to converting my favorite posts to an audio format so those can be heard as well as read. I’ll probably start a podcast through the usual channels (Spreaker, iTunes, YouTube, etc), and I’d like to post more content into other social media platforms besides Facebook, on which I’ve come to depend far too singularly.
I will also be revising and reposting those articles which I think would make a good anthology to put into print. My ultimate goal is to write something more autobiographical so you can see how the things I write about can impact a person in real life. But that dream can wait. I am way overdue for getting some of what I’ve written into book form.
So there’s your heads up. If you’d like to subscribe to any of those platforms (Spreaker, YouTube, etc), I will be posting the links over the next few days after I’ve got them set up. Feel free to advise me on the most efficient way to do that if you have the requisite experience, and I’m open to suggestion on any platforms I haven’t yet considered.
Thanks for being there, and for so many of you encouraging me the way you have. It’s kept me going when I probably would have otherwise lost heart. Y’all are my church, now.
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Neil Carter is a high school teacher, a father of four, and a skeptic living in the Bible Belt. A former church elder with a seminary education, Neil now writes mostly about the struggles of former evangelicals...

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