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Are you counting down the days until your high school graduation? Or, do you have orange fur, an insatiable appetite for lasagna, and an overeager mutt named Odie? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And all other weekdays. 

2. You’ve mastered the art of silently sassing others. 

3. You have an Olympic medal in lounging. 

4. You don’t appreciate adults telling you what to do. 

5. You spend most of your day wondering when you’ll be fed. 

6. Overly enthusiastic behavior absolutely annoys you.

7. You really can’t be bothered with anything, apart from lasagna.

8. You’re more affectionate with the pizza delivery guy than your own parents. 

9. Adults in your life have given up on begging you to put forth a little effort.

10. Really, the only thing that motivates you is placing layers of cheese and ground beef between layers of pasta, and avoiding your responsibilities. 

Senioritis: 1-10

Garfield: 1-10

Nat Hrvatin is a humor writer whose work stems around whatever is currently fueling her anxiety. Her work has appeared on The Broadway Beat, Slackjaw, and The Belladonna Comedy, among others. Nat studied...