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“The company announced Thursday that it plans to build residential communities all around the U.S. that will “cater to those looking to write [the] next chapter of their lives with Disney.” The project will be known as ‘Storyliving,’ a nod to the brand’s dedication to — and expansion on — storytelling.” – People, 2.17.22

“A World of Fears”

SUMMARY: After ending a long-term relationship, Anna Hayden moves into her late aunt’s condo, an exact replica of the “It’s a Small World” ride. Anna seeks comfort from an unlikely source—the ride’s animatronic children—but finds their song’s repetitive nature to be more annoying than consoling. She makes a wish to be as carefree and as happy as these animatronic children. The next morning, Anna discovers that she is wearing doll clothes, cannot leave the condo, and can sing “It’s a Small World” in nine different languages.

“I’ll Never Grow Up”

SUMMARY: In the community’s clubhouse, Teddie Harris attends a motivational leadership seminar led by Peter Pan. To personalize his experience, employees ask Teddie to provide a DNA sample. After he is told to “think wonderful thoughts” and to believe “you can fly,” Teddie walks away from the seminar with newfound confidence. Weeks later, he finds a clone of himself and a camera crew in his house. He and his clone co-star in a Disney channel sitcom called “Finding My Shadow.”

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“Fish are Spies, Not Food”

SUMMARY: In the residential communities’ lagoon lives hundreds of Autonomous Drone Clownfish (ADCs). These underwater drones may make passersby point and say, “Aw, look! It’s Nemo’s dad.” But, in reality, they monitor the residents’ water and utilities usage. At the end of each month, the ADCs send an outrageously high bill to anyone whose usage is even the slightest bit above the limit. When one resident refuses to pay, the ADCs track the resident down and effect a fate worse than death: eviction. 

“Put Our Service to the Test”

SUMMARY: Residents use an app to rate every interaction with staff members. Longtime customer service representative Lizzie Moore must heed every resident’s demand for fear she will lose her job. One resident forces Lizzie to perform a one-woman rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Unsatisfied with Lizzie’s off-pitch singing and pitiful French accent, the resident gives Lizzie a one-star review. Although she threatens to turn the resident into a beast, Lizzie realizes she is unable to do so. She then quits her job to work for Universal Studios. 

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“A Real-Life Princess”

SUMMARY: Tracy McIntosh has never felt beautiful a day in her life. Until, in the community’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, she is offered the opportunity to transform into a beautiful princess. Tracy’s entire face and body are reconstructed to model the unrealistic proportions of a Disney Princess. When she wakes up, she is in love with her two-inch waist and her grapefruit-sized eyes. Though her appearance terrifies everyone she meets, she does earn a chance to compete in a reality show based on extreme makeovers.

“Adventure is Out There”

SUMMARY: Newlyweds Bill and Mary Johnson move into a house inspired by the movie, Up. Inside, they discover a virtual reality headset that allows them to experience any adventure they desire. But then, the headset goes rogue and shows the couple their own Carl and Ellie opening montage of their life together. Once the headset predicts Mary’s death, Bill attempts to destroy the system. In defense, the house activates its balloons, which sends the house floating into the sky. Ever the optimists, Bill and Mary consider that they will now have the opportunity to travel all over the world without having to pay travel expenses. 

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“The Mickey Moment”

SUMMARY: A sequel to “The Waldo Moment,” this episode features another foul-mouthed cartoon character that gains political power: Mickey Mouse. Mickey garners the majority vote, and America eventually becomes a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The residential community becomes the nation’s new capital. 

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