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Hey, Millennials and Zillennials: GenX here.

I wanted to reach out to you today with some words of cautionary hope.

You might be wondering why there’s a group of very stupid (and borderline crazy) people out there screaming about how Disney is harming children. Well, as you get older, you begin to notice patterns. History repeat itself.

GenX lived through something called the Satanic Panic.

Google it, if you’re not familiar. It’s far worse than what’s happening with Disney at the moment. And hopefully the “Disney grooms kids!” nonsense doesn’t ever reach beyond the stage it’s currently at.

The way this pattern plays out: someone moronic, a Helen Lovejoy kind of character—back then it was Jerry Falwell; today it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene—screams, “Think about the children!”

No one ever wants to see kids get hurt, so it makes for a fairly compelling rallying cry. Easily manipulated people buy into the fearmongering, and the next thing you know, here we are.

I suppose it’s the way humans are wired, as you can trace this kind of thing from the PMRC all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials. Humans are prone to panic and mob mentality; to stand up against groupthink is daunting.

The best you can do is wait it out, push back against it as much as you safely can, and recognize your own culpability when it comes to this type of behavior.

“Wait, what?” you ask. “My culpability? I’m not out here screaming about Disney grooming or harming kids. How am I at fault?”

Let’s Google one more thing: Justine Sacco.

Justine was one of the first instances of cancel culture coming from your age brackets.

(OK, sorry GenZ. Millennials, Justine is on you. But to be fair GenZ, you’ve carried the crybaby torch quite nicely. I mean, older folk were all caps tweeting, “KEVIN HART CAN NEVER HOST THE OSCARS BECAUSE TEN YEARS AGO HE SAID SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE!!”)

Justine tweeted something “politically incorrect” to her followers, someone made it go viral, and her life was upended.

You guys whip up your own judgmental mobs, and the justification for doing so is just as flimsy and inappropriate as those used by anyone boycotting Disney. Once you’ve fired up your outrage machine, no one is safe.

Anyway, the good news is that we’ll probably get through this just fine.

The bad news is: “probably.”

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