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Dave Grohl is a national treasure.

We can all agree on that, right? Just consider the evidence: Dave was pausing concerts with concern for fans long before Travis Scott showed how uncool it was to ignore distressed fans. Where most bands fight over song credits, Dave cut his band in on album royalties even when he wrote all the songs. Also: how many times have you seen a picture of a concert, and there’s Dave, on the floor, with the civilians, instead of watching from a VIP lounge?

He proves himself to be the nicest dude on the planet time and time again. Just check out Sonic Highways, Episode Eight: New York City.

Dave is out front of a studio (Electric Lady?), and a family walks by. The mom and dad point Dave out to their son, who nervously approaches the Rock God… and the moment is just Goddamned magical. Dave is warm, open, inviting, and humble. The scene puts a genuine smile on your face.

I want Dave to be around forever. Like, Keith Richards forever. But I worry he won’t be.

Many years ago, I read an interview with Dave, where he admitted he doesn’t wear earplugs on stage. Earplugs, or in-ear monitors. He said he doesn’t clean his ears on tour, so that the wax builds up and protects his hearing.

I remember thinking, “Um… that’s not gonna work.”

And it didn’t.

Here in 2022, I just read another interview where he discussed how deaf he is, and how he reads lips half the time during a conversation.

When I saw the Foo on their Black & Gold tour, I was happy to see Taylor wearing earplugs.

I couldn’t tell if anyone else was, or if they had on in-ear monitors.

Again, a couple years back, I read a Dave Grohl profile in Rolling Stone, and at some point his smoking habit was discussed.

Once more, I remember thinking, “What? Dave… you’re a grown-ass man! You’re not nineteen anymore, you shouldn’t be smoking. Especially considering you’re a singer!”

Finally, on the Smartless Podcast right here in 2022, he said his pre-show ritual involves 3 Advil, a shot, and a couple beers.

Because, yeah… standing in an arena blasting music is going to give you a headache, and he’s trying to mitigate that damage going in.

(Dave also described having something akin to heart palpitations or jitters due to the amount of coffee/caffeine he ingested daily, done to stay awake so he could put in 18-hour days on projects.)

But Goddamn, if Dave doesn’t start taking care of himself, I worry we won’t have him around much longer.

I’m not saying Dave needs to become a yoga-doing vegan who does an Aaron Rodgers 12-day poop-cleanse every so often… but then again, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Aaron Rodgers is in Goddamn great shape, and this is a man who gets hit by 300-pound linemen for a living.

Then again, maybe the balm to my fears is in my own article.

Keith Richards is still with us, and he’s a man that’s done more than his fair share of self-harm.

Hopefully Mr. Grohl is cut from the same genetic cloth as Keith.

Fingers crossed.

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