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Wearing Satanic shirts to school shouldn’t be such a big deal, but in Hays, Kansas, it kind of is. That’s because the school district recently ordered that the dress code, which stated anything related to Satanism couldn’t be worn, was discriminatory.

At a recent school board meeting, Mary Turner, a parent and member of The Satanic Temple, made the point that Satanism is a religious minority no different than other ones, and should not be discriminated against in the school district’s dress code.

And well, the school board agreed. Because Turner was right. If only other school boards would follow suit and just do what’s right.

So, with the recent Hays school board ruling allowing Satanic shirts (and other Satanic attire), here are 5 Satanic shirts that we think would be a great way to celebrate this victory against discrimination in style.

Satanic shirts: Team 666 by Slothshirts on Etsy

Let’s hear it for Team Satan. Is this number taken? 666 t-shirt by SlothShirts on Etsy

Satantic shirts: Not Today Jesus Shirt by Fondue Jr on Etsy

These days, Jesus (or really, his followers) has a reputation problem. So here’s an apt twist on the old typically anti-Satan saying. Not Today Jesus shirt by Fondue Jr on Etsy.

Satanic shirts: You say Satanist like it's a bad thing by Magnolia Gift Goods on Etsy

Reminder: Being a satanist is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing, as The Satanic Temple continues to fight against discrimination, and in doing so, against laws limiting bodily freedom. Shirt by Magnolia Gift Goods

Satanic shirts: Live Laugh Lucifer by C Sells LLC on Etsy

It’s like if Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat Pray Love fame) was a Satanist. Maybe this will be her next book title? Shirt by C Sells LLC on Etsy

Satanic shirts: Satan Bless You by Shop Ginger Taylor on Etsy

Considering that COVID-19 and its variants du jour are here to stay, and with flu season right around the corner, God Blessing Us definitely hasn’t worked. Shirt by Shop Ginger Taylor on Etsy.

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