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Thirty years ago, one-sixteenth of Americans identified with no religion. Now it’s nearly a third. For Generation Z, it’s close to half. These are people who share many basic values about how to make the most of this one world and one life.

But we are fragmented and disconnected and poorly defined, so our cultural presence and political power are a fraction of what they should be.

OnlySky is a new multimedia online platform serving the nonreligious through storytelling, commentary, and analysis from a secular perspective. That secular perspective changes not just our opinion about gods and religion, but everything, from our place in the universe to the meaning of a single life. History looks different from a secular perspective. Culture looks different, race and gender, biology, geology, psychology, life and death. Even the arts can be different when experienced by a secular mind.

By telling this broad story of the human experience, OnlySky wants to gather and inspire and empower this community around its own story, using that new understanding of who we are to make our community more tangible, more real.

At the heart of the effort is a platform for the best thinking and creativity in the secular community, an ongoing multimedia conversation that drills down into who we are and how we can drive cultural evolution toward a more inclusive, curious, and just society.

This brief video captures the approach and vision of OnlySky. We hope you’ll join the conversation.