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We’re excited to announce that OnlySky Media has merged with American Atheists, one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit groups focused on elevating the rights of atheists and other nonreligious people.

“American Atheists has supported OnlySky’s vital work from launch,” said Nick Fish, president of American Atheists. “Telling the stories of the people who make up our community is the single most impactful way for us to end stigma, fight harmful stereotypes, and build long-term political power. We are excited about the opportunity to continue telling those stories.”

Over the coming months, American Atheists and OnlySky Media leadership, including Chief Content Officer Dale McGowan and Chief Impact Officer Sarah Levin,  will be meeting with writers, subscribers, and other stakeholders to plan the next phase of OnlySky Media’s journey, now as a nonprofit, while continuing to focus on impactful, mission-driven storytelling with purpose. 

“American Atheists is a natural partner for OnlySky,” said McGowan. “We both believe that it’s vital to embrace the diversity of this community, along with our shared values, to build a better world for nonreligious people and for those who come after us.”

McGowan will continue to oversee content from OnlySky Media writers and creators, including podcasts from Sasha Sagan (Strange Customs) and Dr. Anthony Pinn (Pinn Drop). You will continue to see pieces from many of your favorite writers. 

“I’ve worked with the team at American Atheists for almost a decade and am thrilled to continue our partnership with OnlySky,” said Levin. “As an advocate, an activist, and an organizer, I know how important stories are when we’re trying to get things done. And that’s what American Atheists is focused on: getting things done for our community.”

“I’m pleased that OnlySky will continue its work under the American Atheists umbrella, one of the most effective voices for atheists, agnostics, and the nonreligious in the nation,” said Shawn Hardin, founder and former Chief Executive Officer of OnlySky Media. “I look forward to continuing to advise the team through this transition period, building on our successes, and seeing what comes next.”