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In a podcast universe filled with punditry, noise, and banter, Seth Andrews has created a new show with a singular focus: short-form storytelling.

True Stories with Seth Andrews features five-minute narratives exploring the best and worst of humanity, and everything in between—ancient history, fascinating headlines, true crime, celebrity trivia, and weird news. It’s a compilation of compelling human stories short enough to digest on your daily commute, yet just long enough to immerse you in the moment and to continue humming in your mind long after it’s over.

A radio professional with 33 years behind the mic, Seth Andrews was influenced by the legendary ABC broadcaster Paul Harvey, whose daily short-form broadcasts “The Rest of the Story” were must-listen radio. Harvey would set the stage, spin his tale, and finish with a jaw-dropping surprise. “True Stories” is inspired by those classic shows while bearing Seth’s unique vocal style and approach to storytelling. The result is unique and memorable, rooted in a classic format but updated for today.

True Stories with Seth Andrews is a quick, interesting podcast that’s fun and engaging—and will occasionally blow your mind. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Sample episode

Listen to “True Stories #90 – The Darkness and the Terror” on Spreaker.