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An image from the short film The Voyagers.

A few days ago, many of us marked the anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan. Since becoming part of the larger community of nonbelievers, I continue to be taken aback by how strongly so many of us continue to feel about that loss. I was more or less alone among my circle of friends at the time who even knew who he was, let alone grieved.
Well, his life obviously meant a great deal to filmmaker Penny Lane as well. In a 2010
short film at the Aeon website, Lane takes both a personal and abstract look at the love between Sagan and widow Ann Druyan, and the symbolism contained within the journeys of the two Voyager probes, which they helped bring about. It’s a beautiful rumination on deep love and deep time.
Lane refers to the famous golden records on the Voyagers as “the ultimate mix tape,” and says:

Their journey will go on, literally, for ever. They’ll probably be the only evidence we ever existed.

If you have 16 minutes to spare this holiday weekend, give this film The Voyagers a look.