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“Silence that man!”

This is almost beautiful in its absolute absurdity.
Glenn Beck, apparently from his underground bunker, used his web show to attack supporters of Common Core educational standards, specifically Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and, yes, even Bill Nye, who he compares to “the people” who persecuted Galileo. I can’t seem to remember who those bad people were, though.
You see, to Beck, establishing standards for public education is the same as “segregating an entire group of people,” and the children and grandchildren of the men he’s attacking (“forcing Common Core into schools”) will see their forebears as being on the “wrong side of history.” He also seems to feel that the only heroes in this fight are “white suburban moms.” Because they’d have to be white, folks.
YouTube video

This is all an ongoing rant of Beck’s against Cuomo, who he compares to, of course, Hitler, for Cuomo’s critique of “extreme conservatives.”
Put the content aside for a moment, though. This is the first time I’ve seen Beck’s new broadcast digs, and I’m fascinated. It looks like some kind of steampunk, S&M version of the old 1970s Saturday Night Live set. And Beck himself, well, he looks like he might be going cult-messiah on us, hunched over, talking like he’s half-asleep, perhaps still listening to the voices in his head instructing him on how to build his compound (and thus, the decor).
I’m almost worried about him.

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