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Are you celebrating Christmas today? Atheists’ experience of the holiday of course runs that gamut, with many going the Full Santa, complete with decorated trees and tinsel and candy canes and jolliness and all the rest, while others happily opt out of marking the day or the season in any way — and everything else in between. (My four-year-old boy got up this morning entirely disappointed that Santa was not in the living room waiting for him. Don’t worry, he came around.)
At HuffPost Live, host Josh Zepps (who is also the new co-host of Point of Inquiry, my organization’s podcast) gathered some atheist thinkers and activists to discuss the topic of the way atheists celebrate (or not) Christmas. On the panel was Raymond Arnold, who Kickstarted the “Brighter Than Today” secular solstice project; American Atheists’ Dave Muscato; and my boss, CFI president and CEO Ron Lindsay.
It’s a good, substantive discussion, touching not just what we all tend to agree on, but some of the differences in message between various secular groups and individuals.

However you’re spending today, I hope it’s safe and happy.