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John Hagee, he who says Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to warn us about the dangers of The Gay, he who thinks the Holocaust had some theological merit for nudging those stubborn Jews toward accepting Jesus, would like us all to leave.
Hagee, in this video, begins with the straw man of the atheist who is horrified at being told “Merry Christmas,” gives the usual blather about the U.S. being founded as a Christian nation (it wasn’t), and then suggests that if we don’t like religious displays on government property, we can just leave the country.
But the best part was that he suggests to atheists who don’t want to hear the singing of “Joy to the World” that they “take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears.” Now, for that to work, sir, with all due respect, I’d have to either go back in time and find a Walkman, or else try and procure this vintage piece of electronics through eBay, and then, through some miracle (and I guess we’re cool with those), shove its mass into my ears, the canals of which are obviously far too small to fit an entire Walkman, even if the object were highly malleable or its contents were divided between my two ears.
Got you there, Hagee.