Chenoa Summers was inspired to run for Arkansas’s 20th Senate District seat when extremists started attacking her local library and demanding book bans.

I live in Craighead County, Arkansas, in Jonesborough. We have one of the best libraries in the state. And it has been attacked relentlessly over the last year by censors. And not just like any old, you know, oh, I don’t like this book, so you have to take it off the shelf. It’s particularly Christo-fascist censors. They want to take books off the shelves, because they not align with their religion. And my opponent was one of the ones who kind of stirred all of that up. He got up in front of a big crowd at a library board meeting, and misgendered a trans man and threatened library funding and all sorts of horrible stuff like that.

So that was a turning point for me, I had to get involved. I could not stay silent anymore.

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