Strange Customs with Sasha Sagan

How would you explain wedding rings to an extraterrestrial? What about a birthday cake, or fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Why do we do things the way that we do them? We take on customs from our ancestors and teach them to the next generation, often without examining them. But when we take a step back, they can seem bizarre, arbitrary…and sometimes profoundly beautiful.

Join Sasha Sagan, author of For Small Creatures Such as Wefor Strange Customs, a podcast about how weird we Earthlings can be.

Pinn Drop with Anthony Pinn

Nothing is more human than the act of creation. Whether a book or visual art, music or dance, a new community or a social movement, the urge to create something that didn’t exist before is one of our defining features. Join humanist icon Anthony Pinn for the Pinn Drop podcast, a series of conversations with fascinating people making unique contributions to human culture.

Human Story

A podcast exploring the experience of being human, one story at a time. Host Leighann Lord introduces a different secular storyteller in each episode, one person sharing what it’s like to be one of seven billion living, feeling, thinking human creatures temporarily awake on a minor planet.

Raising Freethinkers

A show about raising compassionate, curious kids without religion. Hosted by Dale McGowan, editor and co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers.

The Candidates

No fewer than 114 nonreligious candidates are running for office across the United States in 2022. ‘The Candidates’ cuts through the noise of political ads and talking points, going straight to the issues that matter while also getting to know candidates as individuals with unique personal journeys into politics.

Hosted by political strategist and OnlySky chief impact officer Sarah Levin.

Critical AND Thinking with Ty Barnett and Ian Harris

Two politically active, socially conscious and ethically responsible comedians who use humor and critical thinking skills to push the national conversation forward, promoting science, reason, justice and empathy. Progressive, passionate, funny, sometimes edgy, and always on point. With a wide range of guests and topics covering politics, comedy, science, and maybe even a little MMA!