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Officials at Payson High School, a public school in Arizona, may be rethinking their sex ed curriculum after inviting Christian abstinence advocate Brad Henning (below) to the school to speak to students. Well, sort of…

He spoke to the girls about sex — and how they shouldn’t have it — in a mandatory assembly, during the school day, attended by all 350 female students. But he spoke to the boys about “dating tips” in a voluntary, after-school assembly attended by only 25 male students.


The girls assembly was particularly bizarre, primarily focusing on how they shouldn’t have sex, or look like they might want to have sex, or wear anything that might make boys want to have sex with them. (Because why bother talking to boys about things like consent and — oh, I don’t know, not being sexual predators — when you can tell girls to stop dressing like sluts instead?)

Via The Payson Roundup:

In talking to the girls, [Henning] stressed they should make sure they do not turn on a guy by dressing or acting in a way that unleashes a guy’s God-given sexual urges.

In response to a question, Henning explained that guys are sexual so the species won’t die out, while girls have a low sex drive so the planet will not get overpopulated.

Henning said if girls decide they just aren’t attractive enough, they might choose to wear provocative clothes to get boys’ attention.

“The girl stands in the mirror and decides, ‘OK, this is war’ and she puts on spaghetti straps and mini skirts,” said Henning, “What do you want the guys to look at — your eyes?”

Henning says boys cannot control their sexual appetites and need girls to help them keep control by not wearing risqué clothing or acting in any way like they are asking for sex.

When it came to the boys’ assembly, exactly no one was told to not dress like a slut.

Instead, the fellas were given advice on how to ask a girl out on a date, told how to get a second date, and informed that there were lots of single ladies in their school just waiting to be scooped up.

“Out of 350 girls in this auditorium, guess how many were dating,” Henning asked, “Forty-one. So, guys, any guy want a date tonight?”

More of Henning’s advice for boys and girls can be found on his website. The “guys only” section includes advice on where to take girls on dates and what to get them for gifts, along with traumatizing romance ideas:

If you have a policeman friend, this is a great way to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s day. Have the officer follow her to school, pull her over and walk up to her car with his ticket book in hand. “I’m sorry miss but you went through cupid’s red light and I’m going to have to give you a Valentine.” Then have him pull out a big red valentine with your name on it. She will always wonder how you pulled it off.

Conversely, his section for girls is (surprise!) all about how they should be “fair maidens” and not “town sluts.”

Think about the fairy tales. There’s the young prince, handsome, rugged, self sufficient, the man who can stand up to the challenge. He’s the hero, the man on the white horse, and he’s looking for his fair maiden. He’s the wild one who can only be tamed by the one he seeks to rescue. When he sees her for the first time, he is mesmerized by her beauty and charm and basically turns to putty. He longs for her and is now willing to settle down to a life of love and happiness. But then… of all the dastardly things… he finds out she has been with just about every guy in the realm. He realizes his fair maiden isn’t as fair as he’d hoped. Does he want to fight for her hand or rescue her from the evil in the land? No. This isn’t want he’s dreamed about all his life. He’s been dreaming about “A FAIR MAIDEN” not the town slut. So he leaves town to continue his search.

Arizona taxpayer dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. (Or, should I say, fair maidens and guys who apparently can’t keep it in their pants.)

(via Phoenix New Times and Christian Nightmares. Image via Brad Henning)

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