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This past September, during Bisexual Awareness Week, the White House held a very nice “bisexual community briefing” focused on raising awareness of issues important to the bisexual community. One of the speakers, Victor Raymond, was a member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe who identifies as two-spirit. Raymond gave a nice little speech about how LGBT people have always been a part of his culture and called upon their ancestors and the spirit of Wakan Tanka (not an actual “spirit” in the ghost sense, but a term referring to a sort of general mysterious spiritualness) to “guide our words and thoughts so that we can speak true and strong.”

“As bisexual people, we have always been here. Amongst my people, the Lakota Sioux, two-spirit people, bisexual, gay, lesbian people, as they are now known, transgender people, were given the gift of medicine to share with the members of the tribe. It was Wanka, a mystery. But it was proper and it was part of our community.”

“Now we are faced with new times, when bisexual people, two-spirit people, others that we now know as LGBQ, are not recognized and our place in the community questioned. But bi and trans people — and particularly now amongst many tribes and communities, by bisexual, transgender, Native American women in particular — face challenge and discrimination. We stand with them and with all people whose place is no longer recognized.”

That speech did not go over well with one Julio Severo, a contributor over at Matt Barber‘s BarbWire site. Severo is now convinced that the speech given by Raymond has resulted in the White House now being overwrought by a bunch of bisexual demons. (Probably including the ghosts of Lord Byron and Alla Nazimova.)


He claims that the White House must be now exorcised of said demons. One can only imagine how that would go.

A homosexual culture is a culture of demon possession.

Has the White House turned into a haunt of demons?

The first step for a “visitation” of such spirits is invocation — which was made at the White House. Homosexual spirits heard. Their presence is in the place where they were invoked, until their expelling, which can be done only by people who know and use the authority of Jesus’ name.

Severo is also very displeased with the fact that Raymond said the bisexual community must support Black Lives Matter — because if there is anything worse than black people complaining about being killed by police, it is black people complaining about being killed by police in cahoots with gay demons.

Raymond also said members of the bisexual community need to support Black Lives Matter (a black-oriented socialist movement) as part of standing for “other communities.” Socialist ideology in partnership with homosexual demons.

This, however, makes some sense to him, since both Native American and African religions are all about the gay demons.

An interaction between spirits of homosexuality and Indian religions is not uncommon. In Brazil, the most prominent homosexualists are adherents of African and Indian religions, very similar to voodoo. These religions embrace all forms of homosexuality as a gift from their “gods.” Such deities are considered demons in the Christian worldview.

In Christianity and Judaism, homosexuality is accepted only when there is apostasy in those religions. But in Indian religions, heavily affected by witchcraft, no apostasy is necessary for a homosexual presence in their practices, because homosexuality is active among their witchdoctors and other adherents.

Severo described the spirits/gay demons as being “invisible, lethal and destructive” — which is fascinating given that, as far as anyone knows, no one has ever actually been murdered by one… Still, I think we ought to give him (or his preferred gay demon exorcist) a shot, if only on the off chance that we could get to see someone spewing rainbow-colored pea soup all over the White House china.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via Angel on Hulu)

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