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Some things just beg to be made fun of. Some things need to be made fun of.
So when I looked at the Creation Museum Pics that Hemant posted and I saw this one,
an exhibit about two kids visiting the museum, (what the heck is that for?) the talk bubbles that are actually there over the two figures gave me an evil idea. Mwohoohoohahaha!
So I put talk and thought bubbles over some of the characters in these other exhibits so you could enjoy filling in the blanks with whatever you think they ought to be saying and thinking. The saying /thinking part is interchangeable and you can ignore or add bubbles as you see fit. Just name the picture and describe who’s saying or thinking what. This isn’t a contest. Let’s just have some good, wholesome fun. Mwohoohoohahaha!
For a closer look at all the original pictures you can click here.
Thanks again to Karolis for the link.
I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.
#1 Here’s Adam, Eve and a dinosaur relaxing in the Garden.
#2 Two dinos, possibly Deinonychus (plural is Deinonychi) trot past a kid feeding carrots to a squirrel.
#3 Adam, Eve and the Serpent.
#4 Looks like Cain talking with God after clobbering Abel.
#5 Three dudes building the Ark.