blame god christianity sin atheism
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This cartoon a friend sent me perfectly explains the problem.

blame god christianity sin atheism
God, the puppet master.

The problem is that if God were God and omnipotent, He himself (by proxy) not only tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden but also ensured they fell prey to the natural compulsions He had embedded in their natures.

In other words, He made it all inevitably happen, and, despite Adam’s and Eve’s supposed “free will,” God made sure they were wholly unable to resist (because He certainly could have made sure of the opposite, too, if that were His will). Which means — at least in the real world — the first humans of the Bible were completely blameless. Yet here’s the rub: God chose to punish mankind forever for the “sins” He Himself forced Adam and Eve to commit by designing them with certain compulsions that he then surreptitiously (the “serpent,” remember, and Eve’s serpentine seductiveness) coerced them to embrace when he could have stopped it.

Where is the compassion, love and justice in that? Aren’t those ideal qualities what God supposedly “embodies”?

What can we say about a divinity who causes needless suffering for His own arbititrary gratification, and then pretends to be righteously outraged?

We can say it’s nonsense, and every chance we get we should.

In fact, I also need to stop compulsively capitalizing God’s pronouns. It just falsely encourages magical thinking.

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