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Everybody, but especially religious people, should read today’s disturbing post by Katie Paulson in her Without A Crystal Ball blog on Patheos: “Religious Vegan Parents Convicted in Starvation Death of Son.”

It illustrates, once again, the catastrophic potential dangers of believing in things that don’t exist — and, more to the point, organizing your lives in their service and inflicting their unsubstantiated dogmas on those you supposedly care about.

This 2014 video above shows a spokesman of the Calgary (Canada) Police Service announcing murder charges against Seventh-Day Adventist zealots Jennifer Clark, 38, and Jeromie Clark, 34, in the death by alleged criminal neglect of their 14-month-old son, John. The Clarks were later convicted and face a maximum of life imprisonment at their sentencing in February.

Authorities originally charged that the toddler died from malnutrition and lack of timely medical care. Adventists don’t believe in physicians for healing, preferring prayer.


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