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This graphic is so relevant to President Trump’s self-centered obsession with building a wall on our southern border that I thought I’d share it.

It was submitted by Debbie Horan of the Atheists, Agnostics & Antitheists vs. All Others Facebook page in response to today’s earlier Godzooks post about South Dakota legislators trying to mandate the display of “In God We Trust” signs in every school in the state.

A good argument could be made that American national security is more threatened by continuing religious encroachment into the body politic than the encroachment of undocumented aliens via our border with Mexico — the latter of which, according to every objective expert, would not be solved by building more walls along the border (because by far most immigrants, documented or otherwise, and contraband, enter the U.S. at legal ports of entry.

In the latest assault on church-state separation, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has requested $5 billion in federal tax credits to fund scholarships to private schools, the vast majority of which are Christian, and other educational programs, according to a New York Times report

Money the president demands be spent on a wall would be far better spent on other priorities, in my view, such as keeping our secular republic’s government secular.


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