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(Blogger’s note: This post has [almost] nothing to do with religion or religio-politics. It’s a change of pace for variety and, hopefully, your entertainment.)

It seems everyone worldwide is dancing to the coronavirus these days.


YouTube video

It’s apparently the go-to international treatment for fear, boredom and lack of exercise in quarantined hospital units and elsewhere as nations try to raise spirits in their rush to contain the disease’s spread by separating the infected from the uninfected.

From hospital units in Wuhan, China, the disease’s epicenter, to Vietnam, and even to a mosque of faithful movers and shakers in Iran, people are getting their coronavirus groove on.

Below are several more videos like the one above to show that no matter how downbeat the situation, human beings compulsively try to find an upbeat. Do you feel your feet moving?


YouTube video


Watch Pakistani Muslims rock out for coronavirus at a mosque, here.


YouTube video


YouTube video

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