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My nose is to the grindstone editing my latest book, so time is necessarily constrained.

But I didn’t want to leave visitors to Godzooks empty-handed today, although I don’t really have anything religion-oriented for them, unless you consider dog-loving a kind of faith.

When I ran across this image on the internet, I howled with delight. It would even have taken a deity a fair amount of time to execute this hilarious canine lineup (if it’s not a ‘fake news’ photo), or else someone is really innovative and clever in deluding us on Photoshop.

Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to take a break from dangerous imaginary fantasies, religious bigotry and all that, for a good laugh. It’s an uplifting, life-affirming thing.

Perhaps Wednesday (or thereafter) I’ll resume posting about dangerous imaginary fantasies and religious bigotry, and irrational discord involving both.

But, for now, please enjoy this random silliness.

Image/Mary Larson/

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