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Just a quick reminder that this church sign in Georgia has got it exactly backwards.

In fact, in the real world of flesh and bone and gravity, material facts triumph faith in fantasies every single time, no matter what saints Augustine, Anselm, Luther and other patriarchs of the Christian church have been saying for millennia. For instance, facts, not faith, landed humans on the moon, and cured polio.

To reiterate, no evidence accessible to human sensory perception is available to prove a supernatural deity exists. Most people believe one does because they believe it, and because the belief apparently often brings with it an emotional sense that what they believe is also true.

Yet, as always, whither God? Unless one chooses to believe, He just can’t seem to be found.

So, a more accurate sign would read: “Facts Triumph Over Faith.”

(Thanks to MaximumAtheist’s Twitter site for the image)
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