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Why all the secrecy?

It’s an important question as it relates to God and Santa Claus.

Indeed, the most important being for most adults (God) and one of the most important for Western kids (Santa Claus) are wholly, invisibly imaginary as far as we can tell, although most adults and kids, respectively, swear they are absolutely real.

“If the guy exists,” says Calvin to Hobbes about Santa in this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip (one of my all-time favorites), “Why doesn’t he ever show himself and prove it?”

An excellent question.

Certainly, the Bible says quite a few human beings have caught glimpses of or heard the voice of God, but that was far too long ago to be confirmable as fact rather than just a good ancient story to perpetuate. And we now know that people who purport to have those experiences today are frequently found insane or under the delusions of hallucinogenic drugs.

So, I suppose we can think of Santa as a kind of gateway drug to God.

(Thanks to Chris Clements for this cartoon, which leads The National Society of Atheists‘ Facebook page.)

Cartoon/Bill Waterson

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