humor cartoons book freedom from religion foundation
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The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) may be funnier than you thought.

“Because we can use a lot less religion and a lot more humor, FFRF published a new book in 2019, Cartoons for the Irreverent, posthumously celebrating the wit of editorial cartoonist Don Addis, the longtime cartoonist of the St. Petersburg Times,” FFRF announced in its latest newsletter.

humor cartoons book freedom from religion foundation
Cover of FFRF cartoon book, with cartoon by Don Addis, St. Petersburg (Florida) Times. (FFRF)

The amusing 153-page volume can be purchased for $15 at the foundation’s online shop. The book’s cover is displayed in this post.

“If you can make someone laugh about a controversial subject, aren’t you halfway there to converting them to your point of view,” FFRF notes in the newsletter announcement. “This unique collection of cartoons … will bring a smile, while making you think.”

Among its many activities to keep religion out of U.S. government and the official public square, the nonprofit is well-known for producing a popular periodic television commercial featuring late U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s son, Ron, proclaiming his lifelong atheism and lack of concern about “burning in hell.”

The FFRF, which has 30,000 members, promotes nontheism and defends the constitutional separation between religion and government, according to the organization’s website. It’s an information and activism hub for atheists, agnostics and skeptics.


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