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My wife showed me this hilarious but true bit online on a site showing students’ quirky answers to quiz questions and teachers’ no-nonsense replies.

In this one (possibly apocryphal), a student apparently flummoxed trying to solve a complex mathematical equation answered with a proverbial “hail Mary pass”: “Jesus is always the answer.”

“Not on this question,” answers the teacher, who assigned a minus-5 grade to the misadventure.

If true, I hope that the student was just trying to apply a little levity to his or her failure and does not truly believe such fantasies.

This cartoon comes from the online advocacy site, This is My Zambales, which promotes “unity in diversity.” To see more of these charming cartoons, go here.

By the way, I have no clue what the correct answer is to this one. But I know what it isn’t: “Jesus.”


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