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Anti-abortion activist Janet Porter is pulling out all the desperate stops to help get Donald Trump re-elected this November.

During an appearance on “The Blacksmith Chronicles” podcast on Thursday, she explained that the choice between Trump and Joe Biden was literally a choice between life and death:

“I don’t care if there’s a tweet or two that I don’t like,” Porter declared. “We’ve got a president who’s willing to stand against the establishment, to stand for life, to stand for liberty, and we need to stand for President Trump. And I don’t care if there’s Christians that are so pious and he said a word you didn’t like in a tweet you didn’t care for. Hey, guess what? If Joe Biden is elected, he will dismember children with your tax dollars up until birth — that is his position — as well as taking your guns away, as well as as taking your liberties away. These are real issues.”

“If you want to see abortion end in your lifetime, you need to do everything you can to reelect President Trump. Period. The end,” Porter added.

The offensive tweets are really the least of America’s problems with Trump. It’s his policies, his corruption, and the people surrounding him who are hurting us. In that sense, Porter was right that the choice this November is a life and death decision. But that has nothing to do with fetuses. More than 140,000 Americans have died due to the administration’s utter failure to take the coronavirus seriously; This administration unnecessarily politicized a virus and made face masks an issue of religious freedom. Trump never supported the CDC. He didn’t implement a nationwide strategy. That’s not even touching on the deaths of children in ICE custody.

The truth is, abortion rates decrease under Democrats more so than under Republican leadership largely because Democrats attempt to solve the issues that drive women to choose abortion in the first place — poverty, absurdly-priced healthcare, lack of paid maternity leave, etc. — whereas Republicans typically try to ban the procedure in the courts (which hasn’t worked and wouldn’t work) while making all the underlying problems even worse.

If saving lives matters to Porter, she should vote for Biden this November.

(via Right Wing Watch)