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In the latest episode of “I Can’t Believe Evangelicals Said That,” Charisma writer Steve Strang made this bizarre claim: Christians who refuse to support Donald Trump are just as awful as the Pharisees who mistreated Jesus.

He made the comments on the “Focal Point” radio show to guest host Alex McFarland:


“It’s like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day,” Strang said. “Here he was, the promised Messiah, and these are the people who practice Jewish law better than anyone else and they just had a mindset against him and couldn’t see the truth. A lot of people get a mindset, they think a certain way politically … and they just think that way and they don’t think for themselves.”

That sound you hear is the bursting of an irony machine at a conservative Christian saying of liberals, “They don’t think for themselves.”

“I just think that people are blind, they don’t want to change, they have a certain narrative,” he added. “Don’t we all know Christians throughout history who have twisted facts to go along with their preconceived ideas?”

(Guess what? They still are.)

“It’s one reason why Christians sometimes have a bad reputation in some circles because a lot of times we are kind of narrow-minded and mean-spirited; I’ll tell you, some of the ‘Never Trumpers’ we’re really, in my opinion, mean-spirited in the way they went after him.”

We’re so cruel, apparently, for hurting Trump’s feelings.

You know what’s “mean-spirited”? Deporting immigrants who came to America legally, tearing apart their families in the process. Assaulting women. Bragging about assaulting women. Claiming to be “pro-life” while letting CHIP expire. Taunting Kim Jong-un via Twitter, putting this country at further risk of nuclear war. Shutting the government down because a compromise might mean protecting some people of color.

The list grows longer every day.

You would hope a president who loves Jesus as much as his Christian supporters say he does would, at some point, take the high road. But anyone who’s been paying attention knows that’s never going to happen with someone like Trump who has the backing — the complicity — of the majority of his party.

Since their moral compass is broken, might as well trash talk the otherwise like-minded critics while comparing Trump to Jesus, right?

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)