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It’s the question everyone asks during a pandemic: What would Kirk Cameron do?

The Christian actor is calling on everyone to pray for 30 days in order to… oh, who knows. But thank goodness there are doctors and scientists and other professionals doing the actual work of helping people get through this time of crisis.

“I want to pray today against the spirit of fear and I want to pray for our president and the governors of the states and all those who are making important decisions for our nation. I want to pray for the elderly and those who are most vulnerable,” he said.

“Fear you are not welcome, you are not going to set up a residence in my mind, you have no incubator in our imagination. You’re not welcome here. There’s no room for fear in our minds in our hearts in Jesus name go, leave.”

It’s just that easy, apparently. No word yet on how telling fear to leave will fix a broken-down immunity system, or make a mortgage payment that still needs to be made when you’re out of work, or buy groceries when you have no regular paycheck.

Some of the specific prayer requests include wisdom for our president and government officials, which hasn’t occurred in the first case and has only selectively occurred in the latter cases, depending on where you live.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a Christian urging people to pray, but for someone with as large a platform as Cameron’s, it might help more to remind his fans — the sort of people who likely believe whatever Donald Trump or FOX News tells them — to heed the CDC guidelines to stay home and keep a distance from others — as well as to donate to local food banks if they are truly concerned about “the least of these.” We’ll have to wait for another Instagram post, I guess.

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