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Conservative Christian blogger Lori Alexander has some encouraging words for anyone concerned about the coronavirus outbreak.

Just kidding. Alexander doesn’t do “encouraging.” Only shame, blame, and more shame.

In a recent post, she downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic, admits she doesn’t wash her own hands or use hand sanitizer, and uses the crisis to proselytize:

Mothers of young children, you can rest assured concerning this virus since no children from zero to nine have died from it and most children have mild cases of this. It seems to mostly be killing the elderly and those with health problems. (The average of death from the virus is 80 years old.)  I fit into the health problems category but I don’t fear it. I will do the best to keep myself healthy but trust the Lord with my life. Remember, this virus is NOTHING close to being like the Bubonic plague or polio, yet many are acting as if it were.

Lori has no medical background, so she has no business promising mothers that their children will be safe. Plenty of kids have compromised immune systems from other medical conditions. Also, it’s absurd to say it only affects the elderly as if that’s somehow okay.

This life will always be unstable and fearful. This isn’t our home. Many of the things going on in our culture (abortion, children being allowed to change genders, pornography, sex trafficking of children, and so on) are much more destructive to our culture than this virus or the stock market crashing. Maybe God will use this virus for good. Our culture needs a good wake up call. We’re all going to die someday and many times things such as this cause people to examine their lives more closely. The prospect of illness and/or death is where the rubber meets the road and has the ability to wake people up from their slumber.

Translation: Shut up whiners, and let God teach you a lesson. Not exactly helpful.

Leave it to a Christian fundamentalist to welcome a plague that inflicts untold amounts of suffering because it might convince some people to accept God out of fear or because they’re on their deathbed.

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