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You might think that Dave Hayes, a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic” and one of the more vocal QAnon supporters, would’ve seen the light after predicting more than six months ago that God would cause the military to remove Joe Biden from office and replace him with Donald Trump.

Nope. Not a chance. In fact, Hayes still claims Trump will soon return to power, and when he does, “Q” may well return right alongside him:

I think that when Trump comes back into office, I wouldn’t be surprised if Q returns, although… I don’t have any way of knowing if or when Q is going to return…

… It wouldn’t surprise me if Q comes back at some point and gives us some assistance in working through the process of all these people being prosecuted, moral corruption being exposed. We’re going to need some help making sense of all of this when Trump is back in office… Like I said, I don’t know that Q’s gonna come back, but I suspect Q might come back, and might help us understand all of these various levels of corruption and how the prosecution’s gonna roll out.

Nothing screams accurate prediction like a guy who claims the Department of Justice was compromised under Obama and Biden, therefore Q may be needed to uncover criminal activity. As if a community based on conspiracy theories can rightly deem who is worthy of prosecution, anyway…

It’s downright hilarious at this point that these “prophets” still use terms like “when” Trump is back — not “if” — even though neither term is a serious possibility until at least the 2024 elections. We’re approaching one full year of the Biden administration and Trump is busy offering commentary for boxing matches and speaking to the Moonies on 9/11. He’s not coming back. He’s not about to be reinstated. It’s long past time for these conspiracists to die out or at least move on to something more interesting.

(via Right Wing Watch)