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Donald Trump‘s “spiritual warriors” are hard at work praying for him at his hotel during what they consider to be his darkest hour, according to Religion News Service.

Because Trump, as always, is the real victim… even though it’s his actions that are constantly hurting other people.

… last Friday afternoon (Dec. 7), one of the [Trump International Hotel’s] many glimmering ballrooms was transformed into a sanctuary, where dozens of worshippers held their hands aloft and spoke in tongues as Jon Hamill, co-founder of Washington, D.C.-based Lamplighter Ministries, led the group in prayer.

Hamill — whom supporters describe as a prophet — closed his eyes tightly and shouted above the chattering: “In Jesus’ name, we declare the Deep State will not prevail!”

He then hammered a judge’s gavel onto a podium as people raised their voices in approval.

So they’re invoking God to fight against a conspiracy theory…

For those who still consider Trump to be as glorious as the Second Coming, you have to wonder what the content of their prayers look like, especially as it becomes more and more apparent that this administration is just oozing corrupting from all directions. Do they pray for everyone involved to genuinely repent… or to find some way to spin the entire situation so it can be blamed on liberals? Are they praying for truth, or for Trump to defeat the truth?

(They were actually supposed to hold their prayer gathering at the Museum of the Bible, but after journalists and academics pointed out that the museum claims to be politics-neutral, the venue changed.)

Given that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison after the gathering took place, you can be the judge of whether they were successful. Though I would bet plenty of atheists would say their prayers were answered.