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Having recently met with Donald Trump, the racist, MAGA-loving, anti-vaccine sucker-punching Christian Nationalist Eric Metaxas is now confident Trump will soon return to office.

I have to say that I’m very encouraged. He’s gonna be back, folks. You hear me? He’s gonna be back, because the election was a fraudulent election.

You may not have heard that before, but the evidence is increasingly clear. It’s going to come out. “Oh, you’re crazy,” they say. Yeah, well, you stay tuned. You stay tuned to this crazy show and you’ll see that there is no possibility that the doddering jackanapes known as Joe Biden was elected by the American people.

And here’s the key. Maybe you didn’t know this: The American people choose our leaders. That’s right, the Deep State, and the criminals who steal votes and who play that game — they don’t get to choose the leaders. We the people get to choose. And we the people chose Trump — twice — and that’s gonna come out.

And I just wanna say, be encouraged, because if you’re watching the news, they’re not even talking about this…

For the record, Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020. He lost the Electoral College in 2020 by a “landslide.” He’s not coming back because he’s a loser.

Not that facts matter to Metaxas, but there’s no evidence of any voter fraud that would change the outcome no matter how loudly MAGA cultists pretend otherwise. The evidence they’ve said was coming out hasn’t come out — and won’t come out, because it’s a lie.

It’s been nearly a year and the MAGA crowd still can’t accept how unpopular Trump is to the majority of the nation’s voters.

Calling Biden names doesn’t make Metaxas’ position any stronger, just as his warrantless claims of fraud hold no weight. He and his fellow cultists are like playground bullies who would rather destroy all the toys so that no one can have any fun. If they can’t win an election, they would rather destroy democracy than accept the results.

All this from a man once foolishly described as an “evangelical intellectual.”

(via Right Wing Watch)